Su Chef App

Recipes by Ingredients So You Always Know What to Make for Dinner

Over 200,000 dinner ideas and more to match your kitchen

Get dinner ideas the easy way searching recipes by ingredients you already have! Finding the perfect match (or close enough) will keep you from running out to the store unnecessarily. You can also search what to cook by main ingredients, type of food and 25 diet and food allergy options. Just tell Su Chef all your ingredients and don’t worry about what to make for dinner again.

How it works

Don’t know what to cook? Want something different for dinner tonight? Over a million recipe searches each day says you’re not alone.  Su Chef knows where all the best recipes are from across the globe and finds matches to recipes by ingredients you have at home.

Get up to 1,000 options on your iPhone or iPad seconds after telling the app your ingredients.

Besides being the most accurate recipes by ingredients app on iPad and iPhone, you can search for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes, adjust for cooking time, and focus on 25 diets and food allergies, such as Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Paleo, and Nut-Free.

If you prefer to plan ahead what to cook, Su Chef makes a shopping list from selected recipes with one press. From delicious, healthy dinner ideas for the whole family, to individual meals that meet strict dietary restrictions, Su Chef offers more choices for what to cook for dinner than you could imagine. No more of the same chicken or pasta dish every week! No more time-consuming online searches for recipes or unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Su Chef brings dinner to you!

At Su Chef, we’ve done the testing, research, and automation for our app to simplify what can otherwise take up to four hours of your day, every day. In fact, every time you use the app on your iPhone or iPad to find a recipe, you save yourself significant time and money. Learn how you can save about 50 minutes and $5 on average each day with Su Chef.

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