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Best Hangover recipes for New Years Day

Huevos Rancheros


We’ve all been there before. Partied too much on New Year’s Eve or another day and now you can’t get out of bed without your head feeling like it’s going to explode. The last thing you may want to think about is food, but there are a few easy meals that’ll have you on the road to recover almost as soon as you finish eating. Here are some of my favorites:

Huevos Rancheros. There are several variations of huevos rancheros, but overall it’s my number one hangover meal to bring me back to life. The tortillas and beans contain carbs to help increase your blood sugar which part causes that tired and lethargic feeling (besides not getting enough sleep). Blood sugar drops when you drink because  your liver is too busy metabolizing alcohol to do anything else like regulate glucose levels in your body. The real recovery secret to huevos rancheros though is chili sauce made with mostly chilies and water. It’s not for everyone, but the kick of the chili peppers is a better wake up than any coffee right when you need it most. See FoodNetwork’s recipe for huevos here.

Eggs best for hangovers1

Eggs. Omelets and scrambled eggs are two easy meals you can make in less than 10 minutes. Eggs, high in protein and omega-3 fats, are easy to digest and contain amino acids such as cysteine, necessary to quickly rebuild neurotransmitters and other cell damage caused by drinking. This greek omelet variation with tomato and feta cheese will give you a rich flavor like a cup of freshly ground coffee, while scrambled eggs with chilies will bring a kick like huevos rancheros if you can take it.


Pancakes best for hangovers

Pancakes. It’s simple—high amounts of fats and carbs will get you back to normal fastest, and what better way to have them than pancakes soaked in butter and syrup. Better yet, pancakes are super simple to make in 20 minutes or less. I don’t know why so many people think pancakes are made from some magical substance that can only be retrieved from a box or a restaurant. It’s mostly just flour, milk or water, eggs and baking soda. Mix and pour.


Best turkey soup for hangover

Tortilla Soup. Even though it’s common knowledge, drinking plenty of liquids is still one of the most overlooked ingredients for hangover recovery. Doctors ideally recommend water, but if water is too boring and fruit juices to acidic, soups are a great way to get plenty of liquids along with protein and carbs altogether. This tortilla soup is a great use for Christmas Day leftovers. Other easy to make favorites are turkey soup and posole.


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