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With so many easy healthy recipes at your fingertips, you can be sure Su Chef has something for everyone, no matter how unique the taste or how restrictive the diet. Search by 25 special diets and food allergies such as Paleo, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Egg Free, Nut Free, Shellfish Free, and several more. With Su Chef, you find thousands of delicious gluten free meals and other healthy dinner ideas so easy you’ll forget there was ever a restriction. Whether you’re looking to maintain optimum health, have a special diet due to food allergies, or just please a picky eater or two in the house, Su Chef finds plenty of healthy recipes for dinner or any meal of the day. So let us support your athletic goals, medical needs, gourmet tastes, or simply getting through dinner in 20 minutes or less every night. We’ve got what you need.

Save $600 or more each year with cheap meal ideas.

Want to save money on your grocery bill? The good news is that it’s easy since the average family wastes more than $1000 each year on groceries. A good place to start is with the thousands of budget recipes on Su Chef. Substitute inexpensive ingredients and find thousands of healthy cheap meals that won’t bust your budget.

Another huge money waster is food waste which every study and survey on the subject over the past decade says the same thing – it costs families $720 to $1600 or more each year. Have you ever bought fruit and vegetables with good intentions to use them within the week, only to find them spoiled by the time you got around to them? What about packages of meat you purchase on sale and store in your freezer that you never figured out what to do with?

Whichever the case, Su Chef is among those rare money-saving apps that don’t take any work at all. The more you use it, the more you save.

Just a press of a button can save you up to an hour each day.

If you shop for groceries or cook meals at home, chances are you’re spending too much time doing either. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and eating are the four most time-consuming activities we do, taking up more than three hours each day – 21 hours each week, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Grocery shopping alone averages to 50 minutes each day. In fact, nearly all of our time spent not sleeping, at work or school, or relaxing is spent doing something food-related.

Su Chef gets your time back by saving you multiple trips to the grocery store by finding easy and delicious recipes based on ingredients you already have on hand. Even if yours is the barest refrigerator, Su Chef can help you put together a spectacular quick meal using food already in your fridge and pantry. Simply speak, type or barcode scan your ingredients into your mobile device with the Su Chef app, and Su Chef will match your ingredients from more than 200,000 recipes. If you’re not a living, breathing encyclopedia of recipes, and if you struggle each day trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, Su Chef is the perfect solution! Avoid the unnecessary grocery shopping trips and monotonous recipe searches on the Internet. When you use Su Chef to find recipes that match the ingredients you have at home, you save yourself money, and about an hour of your day that can be better spent on more enjoyable pursuits.

Save even more time by selecting the meals you’d like to cook over a given time, and let the app create your grocery list for you! No need to figure out what groceries you will need for the week, and no more aimless wandering grocery store aisles in search of inspiration.

Don’t shop when you don’t have to. Don’t waste time when you do. Start saving precious hours in your day with Su Chef.